Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh yeah!

Today was my very first productive day in the studio. I did some doodles and background painting on canvas. I remember how fearful I was to put a piece of line on a paper before, since I was afraid of not making it perfect. Such an engineered mind! It hasn't been so long though that I now feel much more comfortable with my pens and pencils, quicker and more relaxed than yesterday. I tried so many things, but the sketches didn't feel right at the end. However, I saved them with little movements instead of sending them to the garbage bin right away. They are still far from being good, but who cares! I enjoy a lot! I work like a child again while discovering my tools, playing with different things and teach myself one more time that every moment is already perfect and you don't have to worry about making it.
That's why today felt so good...

Monday, September 6, 2010

I said I had been trying to catch up Vancouver since I came back. Thanks to Beata Kacy. She helped me re-focus, work and have fun from my photography again. We had a pregnancy project and did some series of shots beside her belly casting. Here are a few photos from the project.




Photography: Guzin Taskiran
Editing: Beata Kacy
Bell Casting
Bell Casting: Guzin Taskiran
Photography: Roksan Kohen
Editing: Beata Kacy
If you wanna see more, please go to the website http://ginger.soigne.ca/, which she made for her lovely girl, Ginger :)

Roksan Kohen

Before I went to Turkey, I had started doing a website for my friend, Roksan Kohen. She is a great artist. I love her work. Her art is alive and so meaningful for me.

by Roksan Kohen
It was a great pleasure for me to help her build a new website. Her main requirement was to be able to update her images in the gallery without needing anybody, which was impossible on her previous website. This is what I have designed for her.


As simple as it could be, yet to the point. I used the Slideshowpro Director to manage her galleries and feed the flash based slide show component on her website. Now, she enjoys having a total control on her albums and being able to change the content herself.